Smart Space Evacuation

Real-time smart situational awareness has arrived

Shooter Detection & Building Evacuation

Regardless of what side of the gun control debate you're on, there's one thing everyone can agree on: Innocent lives are being taken from us. Barely a day goes by without the media reporting another act of deadly violence in a school, community, or public space somewhere in the country.

As soon as an incident takes place, first responders such as law enforcement or paramedics are quick to react, assess, and address the situation. Yet what about those crucial first few seconds and minutes between the incident occurring and the emergency services arriving?

Those under attack in the building are left to rely on themselves and any training they may have received.

Among the community of professional first responders it is well-known for them to refer to those actually caught in an Active Shooting as the true first responders as it is they who must respond in the first few seconds of an attack in order to save themselves and those around them.

That’s precisely where Intelevac's Smart Evacuation System comes in.

Our advanced A.I. technology platform immediately alerts people in a shooting situation even before the first shot has even been fired. It then instructs them in real time whether there is a secure route for their escape and precisely indicates what that path is. If no route is shown as currently safe then those under attack are instructed to lock down and hide until the highly volatile situation changes and an escape route may become available.

Until Intelevac arrived in 2019 no technology existed that could provide realtime situational awareness, real time evacuation and escape routing in the context of an Active Shooter attack.

Consequently the default for many policymakers in recent years has been to insist on lockdown no-matter-what in the event of an Active Shooter attack. Yet there have been well documented Active Shooter attacks where lockdown was certainly not the surest route to survival.


Schools, Colleges & Universities

Our situational awareness systems inform students, teachers and staff members when and where - to evacuate - and when to lockdown - based on realtime perpetrator monitoring and assessment.

Retail Spaces

Clear, unambiguous signage guides shoppers and staff to the safest exits in the event of an incident - buying first responders time in those crucial first few seconds and minutes.

Exhibition & Conference Spaces

Intelevac uses existing telecommunications wireless infrastructure and features emergency illumination and battery back-up in case of power outage.

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